Why we do what we do….

Today’s world is about ensuring our people are skilled at continually learning and adjusting to upcoming challenges and opportunities. Beakyn facilitates this by providing meaningful tools, frameworks and practical advice – a businesses greatest asset continues to be it’s people.

Our services include:

# Neuroscience based coaching – not ‘magic’ but backed by scientific research and designed to generate insights based on how the brain works.

# Profiling tools – DISC (behavioural and communication preferences), Motivation (engagement) and Emotional Intelligence (self and social awareness and regulation).

# workshops to build leadership capabilities. Delivering practical action based workshops on topical subjects including emotional intelligence, change management, communication and difficult conversations, productivity hacks and more, we can tailor workshops to suit your individual needs.

Our tri-fector of coaching, profiling tools and workshops are designed to work independently or as a cohesive strategy to support you and your people become a fully engaged and productive team. This enables you and your business to effectively and efficiently and successfully manoeuvre our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global environment.

Our Skills

What we can do?

Need a current snap shot and analysis of where you or your team is at in terms of engagement, behaviours and opportunities for growth? A profiling assessment is a cost effective way to better understand what makes you and your people tick. Build impactful outcomes from this with Results Based Coaching – scientifically based on how the brain works, to quickly build habits that build results. Our range of regular or tailored workshops on topics such as effective leadership, productivity, dealing with challenging behaviours, communication skills and more, can also drive greater effectiveness and engagement.

What we can offer?

Guaranteed satisfaction. If you aren’t happy with our services, we will gladly reimburse you*. We’re here to make a difference not waste your time.

We can offer you the space to work on what’s important for you.

That may be about creating an environment for you to gain CLARITY on what is important to you and your business, it may be about enabling and EMPOWERING you to achieve those OUTCOMES in a way that is inspiring and engaging, and delivers results.

Alternatively, it may involve us removing your worry by doing the work for you!

Our ideal client is one that has a passion for continuous improvement and learning, a person who wants to be the best version of themselves, and who enjoys transferring this to their people.

*contact us directly for details and conditions surrounding our guarantee.