Strategy & Planning Advice

Are you needing an unbiased sounding board to review your business direction, identify potential gaps and mitigate key risks in an ever changing environment? We can support you in understanding what and how to deliver on your business objectives.  Possessing over 20 years experience in solving complex problems, and not just devising strategic plans to deliver on corporate objectives, but also implementing them successfully.

Results Based Coaching

Don’t need a coach? Think again. High performing athletes have coaches – because mindset matters and directly impacts on performance.  Neuroscience forms the foundation of our approach – working with how the brain works and adjusted to suit your specific needs, we use a proven system to generate insights and outcomes. Are you looking to:

  • fast track your personal or professional career?
  • drive greater productivity and results?
  • build influence?
  • raise your emotional awareness or
  • support a better balance across work and home life?

Contact us for a complementary discussion on whether we are the right fit for you, recognising it’s a personal process.

Workshop Facilitation

Often having an independent facilitator can make the difference between good and great outcomes.  We have proven experience in facilitating stakeholder sessions, information workshops, internal options analysis, business planning and more.

We also provide tailors short workshops both open or in-house, on key leadership areas such as Communication & Conflict Management, Productivity Enhancement and Smashing Goals. We are passionate about making the engagement meaningful and long lasting by focussing on the establishment of actions to suit outcomes, and providing follow up support.

Psychometric profiling

Want to significantly improve you or your teams’ engagement and performance? Do you want a deeper understanding of  behavioural preferences or motivators?

Profiling may be just what you’re looking for to really enhance and increase productivity and reduce conflict. We offer profiling of:

  • DISC – communication/behavioural profiling – the how
  • MOTIVATION profiling – the why
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – our level of awareness and capacity to manage ourselves and others